Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 12 Christmas: Advent

Theme: Christmas - Advent

Note: We are few letters behind in our real life toddler preschool, so for the month of December, I will be putting letter work on hold on this blog as we attempt to catch up here at home.  Letter work will pick back up on the blog in January. 
Objective: To develop your own Advent traditions in anticipation of Christmas.
Christmas Advent
What is Advent?
I am definitely not a guru on what Advent is nor how to do Advent in a traditional sense; however, I simply want to present a few ideas on how to celebrate the Advent season in your home.  Essentially, Advent is a season of anticipation and celebration primarily of Jesus’ first arrival and expectancy of his second coming one day.  While I won’t be going to great lengths this year to put together traditional Advent activities, I will be focusing on starting a couple traditions to bring focus to Jesus in our anticipation for Christmas. 
For more on the history of Advent, click here. 
Advent Calendars
An advent calendar could essentially be considered any calendar that counts down the days from the beginning of December to the 24th of December.  There are many ways you could do an Advent calendar from simple store-bought to extensively homemade.  This year, with my boys, we will simply be pulling off one chain from a paper chain each day from December 1st – December 24th.  We will talk about these chains as a “countdown to Christmas.”
Prophecies of Jesus
For my family, the tradition I want to begin to focus our attention on Jesus in the Christmas season is to each day from December 1st – December 24th to look at one prophecy about Jesus and how it was fulfilled.  While developmentally this will be above my boys’ understanding, I want to begin this tradition this year, so that as the years progress and as memories of Christmas are developed in their minds, they will never know a time where we didn’t talk about Christmas without an excitement over Jesus.  To see how to incorporate the prophecies of Jesus into your Advent season, click here.
Advent Ideas

For even more ideas on how your family could celebrate advent, click here. 


  1. Love this, Katie. We have a stash of Christmas books we wrap each year, unwrapping one each day or night to read it together. Some are advent books, some are nativity stories, some are just wonderful picture/story books like "The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree," "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey," "Christmas in the Big Woods," "The Ballad of Matthew's Begats," etc.

    1. I love the idea of a collection of Christmas/Navity books. I willd definitely have to start building my collection!