Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 11: Thanksgiving

Theme: Thanksgiving

Note: I am posting this week’s theme early so that you can begin these activities now in preparation for next Thursday… and also so that I will be able to take next week off from the blog for my own Thanksgiving celebration.  Almost all of the activities I’ve included are from others’ websites and are fairly easy to do.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Objective: To have fun with Thanksgiving themed activities.
Letter of the Week: J
Note: At this stage (2-3 year olds), we will focus simply on capital letters only.  It is also important to understand that this introduction of letters is simply to familiarize our children with letters.  We are not expecting them to be proficient with these letters. 
Special Items Needed:
·         Paint

·         Construction paper

·         Sensory Tub Items

·         Feathers
Family holiday traditions do not have to be extravagant or over-the-top to become traditions.  In fact traditions develop simply through repeating the same activities together consistently year after year.  As you consider your family and this window of developing your family traditions, please take some time to consider what activities, events, and habits you would like to develop into traditions, specifically for Thanksgiving.
For example, when I was a kid (and teenager…and in college…and as a grown adult), my family all sat together in our pajamas to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and eat some type of casual breakfast together. Watching the parade is a tradition I want to continue with my boys…not because I care so much about watching a parade on TV, but because I love the relaxed, together feeling it created on Thanksgiving morning. 
Handprint Turkey
To see how to make a handprint turkey, click here. 
Coloring Pages
Click here to access a website with many different Thanksgiving themed coloring pages.  I loved this site.  I printed out two different turkeys from this site, one for each of my boys.  I cut out each turkey, let the boys color them, and then had my 2 ½ year old help me glue the turkeys to black paper to make them look more “official.” 
Thankful Turkey
This is an activity I am aspiring to do this year; however, I still have not actually done it yet!  I am planning to cut out about 10-12 “feathers” and a main turkey “head.”  I want to talk with my son about things he is “happy to have” or “happy about” (incorporating the words “thankful for” as we talk about these “happy” things).  As he and I are talking, I want to write one thing on each feather, showing him that I am writing what he is saying.  My plan is to glue these around the turkey head…and maybe glue it onto a large piece of construction paper.  So sorry I don’t have any photos of this yet to share!
Thanksgiving Mini-Book
I love mini-books!  Click here to get your own printable Thanksgiving mini-book.  While it was fun to color and talk about, the content of this particular mini-book was definitely beyond my son’s understanding. 
Thanksgiving Sensory Tub
To see a Thanksgiving themed sensory tub, click here.  I am not sure that I will actually do this tub this year; however, it was a great idea and inspired me to at least take our regular sensory tub to the next level by incorporating holiday themed trinkets. 
Native American Head Dress
If I can grab some feathers before next week, I think I would have so much fun making these “head dresses” with my boys!  Click here to see how to make a simple “Native American headdress.” 
Letter Work
I continued our regular letter work with the Letter “J” by following the activities we’ve done with previous letters (see below for an explanation of each activity). 
Coloring the Letter “J”
To introduce the later “J,” simply draw an outline (or Google a template of the letter “J” to print).  We will talk about the letter “J” and will color it. 
Letter Search
We will continue our work on the letter “J” by trying to identify the “J” in words that start with the letter “J.”  It is important at this stage to choose words that start with the letter “J” and only have that “J” in them.  Write the words in all capital letters.  Make a game of searching for the “J.” 
Rainbow “J”
We will also practice tracing the letter “J.”  This may be a bit difficult for some children, so please pass on this activity if it is too stressful.  We will do a “Rainbow J,” by tracing the outline of a capital letter “J” in multiple colors.
For additional Letter “J” activities, click here. 

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